Sunpure wishes you Happy Holi!

Festival of colors-Holi, the Vibrant of all festivals of India.


Holi is the most energetic and vivid festival celebrated in different states of India and around the world, especially among the Hindu. This festival is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu Calendar month Palguna.

The origin and beginning of this festival are the subject of various tales. The legend of Holika and Prahlad is a well-known story. Religious rituals, Holika Dahan, smearing colors, meet and greet and the sharing of food are common activities to celebrate Holi.




This festival of colors holds an opportunity to spread cheer, pleasure, delight, joy, happiness and to welcome the arrival of spring after winter.

On this occasion family, friends, neighbors and all known unite together to throw the vibrant and lively colors on each other, dance to the beat of drums etc… the use of colors marks the shedding of all previous mistakes and foundate new beginnings. Holi brings in a moment every year to set aside all our differences and to join in the lively celebrations of joy, excitement, love and peace.

This exuberant festival is also known as Rang Panchami, Holi Milan, Manjal Kuli etc, in different states in India.

Holi is the colorful and most fun-filled festival in India celebrated with great enthusiasm, utmost cheer, complete delight and all happiness, embarking the victory of good over evil. This is the festival in India where, more than religious ceremonies and mingle, fun time is observed.

Holi reminds people to let go of all the grudges and indulge in the celebration of joy, peace and love.

So, this Holi lets dwell in the goodness of Sunpure and say yes to choosing chemical free meals every time. 

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Sunpure wishes you Happy Holi again!.



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