Celebrate the joy of eating your favorite food now with Sunpure spices!

Spices are dried parts of plants like roots, barks, twigs, seeds etc., used in seasoning food. Right from ancient times, spices are been used in food, medicine and trade. India’s heritage & history is significantly influenced by culture and unique aromatic spices. Indian Spices are believably a Vardan in every kitchen.

   Red Chilli Powder.


Indian food is celebrated in most parts of the world for its unique spice content, and red chilli powder is no excuse but benison in every meal. Sunpure Red Chilli Powder is free of artificial flavors, preservatives and colors, adding piquant spicy tastes to all the dishes, thereby contributing to good health by improving cognitive capabilities, maintaining blood pressure and building immunity. In fact, being a good choice for your health.

Turmeric powder.

Turmeric is one of the Princely Herb that everyone in house is aware of whether they cook or not, for its canny color and medicinal benefits. Turmeric powder is also considered auspicious by most Indians. Sunpure Turmeric Powder is free from preservatives & artificial colors. It comes with high level of curcumin content (natural antioxidant) that helps fight chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, stress etc., and promotes healthy skin, which is why turmeric holds strong records of being used in medicine.


Coriander Powder.

Coriander powder sometimes called as Dhaniya powder is made from freshly sourced and dry roasted coriander seeds. This ancient herb adds perfect seasoning to all the delicious recipes. Due to its pungent citrus and floral aroma, it becomes an essential ingredient in almost all Indian kitchens. Coriander powder also helps in increasing appetite, reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar. Coriander contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which helps fight food poisoning. Sunpure Coriander Powder is free from artificial flavors and preservatives and is the best choice to make up your dishes as pure and special as it is.



                                                                                                         BY SANIYA K


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